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Thomas Warfield (Support)
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Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2005 - 8:17 pm:   

Goodsol Newsletter #99

Pretty Good Solitaire version 10.3 Now Available

A new release of Pretty Good Solitaire is now available. Version 10.3 is available for download from .

Version 10.3 adds 30 new games, bringing the total number of games to 640. The new games are Adelaide, Anubis, Apophis, Appreciate, Bath, Block Eleven, Carthage, Crazy Quilt, Double Minerva, Dumfries, Farmer's Wife, Four Stacks, Galloway, Golf Rush, Gotham, Indian Carpet, Interchange Puzzle, Kings in the Corners, Klondike Puzzle, Moosehide, Phoenix, Queen of Italy, Republic, Roslyn, Souter, Three Pirates, Triple Minerva, Willow, Winery, and Yukon Cells.

The new feature in version 10.3 is foundation shading. In many of the games with foundation piles, the piles are now shaded when they are complete, making it easy to see which piles are done. The shading color is adjustable (and this feature can be turned off).

In addition, version 10.3 adds 10 high quality new full screen background bitmaps. For screen shots of some of the new games and features, see .

You can download Pretty Good Solitaire version 10.3 from . If you already have version 7.0 or higher installed, you can also download from within the game by going to the Internet menu and selecting "Download Latest Version". Be sure to exit the game before you install.

Pretty Good Solitaire version 10.3 is a free update for those who originally registered versions 8 through 10 in 2002 to 2005 or those who have already paid for an upgrade. Full details on upgrading are at . In short, if you purchased after the release of version 8 on January 25, 2002 or have already purchased an upgrade, this is a free update.

If you qualify for a free upgrade, your registration code will work in the new version. Normally Pretty Good Solitaire should register itself if it finds a registered copy of one of these older versions. If not and you have lost your code, you can request that your registration code be sent to you again from .

If you originally registered Pretty Good Solitaire 97, 98, 99, 2k, or Quest Edition, and you have not yet paid for an upgrade, you can upgrade for only US$11.95 from . See that page for more information.

Pretty Good Solitaire version 10.3 is still only US$24, plus an optional $7.50 shipping for a CD-ROM. In addition to installing the basic game, the CD-ROM also installs all of the currently available extra card sets.

You can order online from .
Phone and mail order options are also available from that page. For those who purchase for the first time now or upgrade, you get free upgrades through the 2007 version.

More information about Pretty Good Solitaire version 10.3:
What's New: <>
General: <>

Submit your picture for the next Cat Card Set
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------
Download the Cat Card Set:

Due to the success of the Cat Card Set, we are going to make another one! In fact we are also going to do a Dog Card Set. And this time your dog or cat can be on it. We are accepting submissions of pictures of dogs or cats for inclusion in the new card sets.

Here are the rules: we are looking for pictures of dogs and cats in electronic form. The picture you submit must be owned by you and be of your pet. By submitting you are giving us permission to use it in the card set and any promotion of the card set. The pictures need to be in either JPG or BMP format and be as high quality as possible, as they will be resized, cropped and otherwise manipulated to create a good looking playing card. Email the picture file to along with your name and physical address and the name of the pictured dog or cat. We can't guarantee that we will use every submission as there are only a limited number of cards in a deck, but if we get enough pictures we may do multiple card sets. Also if you are a registered user note that in the email as we will give priority to registered users.

Featured Game - Interchange Puzzle
-------------------------------------------------- ---

Interchange Puzzle is one of the 30 new games in Pretty Good Solitaire version 10.3. It is similar to the game Yukon Puzzle, except that it is like the game Interchange rather than Yukon. It is a 3 deck game.

The game consists of two areas. On the left side are 7 tableau piles, 8 foundations piles and a stock and waste. This area is identical to Interchange, where 7 cards each are dealt to 7 tableau piles, alternating face up and face down. The remaining cards form a stock. The stock is turned over to the waste pile one card at a time. The foundation piles are built up in suit from Ace to King. The tableau piles are built down in suit and groups of cards in sequence down in suit may be moved as a unit. Empty spaces may be filled only by a King.

On the right side, there are 13 piles of 4 cards each. Building in these piles is by the same rank (such as Jacks on Jacks), and a maximum of 4 cards are permitted in each pile.

The game is won when all the cards from 2 decks are built on the foundation piles, and all the cards from the 3rd deck are built in the 13 piles, 4 cards of each rank. There will be a pile of 4 aces, a pile of 4 Twos, and so on.

Play begins by building in the 7 tableau piles as is possible, pulling cards over from the 13 piles when you can. There is a special situation you need to be aware of in this game. Eight suits of cards are played to the foundations, but note that you do not necessarily have to play two piles of each suit to the foundations. Any 8 suits out of the 12 suits in the 3 decks may be played to the foundations based on the suits of the starting Aces. The remaining 4 suits are played to the 13 reserve piles. It is important to keep track of which suits are needed in the reserve piles so that you build the 13 piles of the ranks with the needed suits of cards that make the game work out.

While Interchange is a difficult game to win, Interchange Puzzle can be won virtually every time, although it takes time to work it out.

Interchange Puzzle is one of the 640 games in Pretty Good Solitaire. Pretty Good Solitaire can be downloaded from .

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