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I have been playing for years, and I have spent HOURS on this one. Maybe I'm missing something, but help is requested. Thanks, Jerry

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    Hi Jerry. This used to be my favourite game. Once I sussed out the rules I am pretty sure I didn't lose a single game. I got so good at it that I used to try and win them all on the first deal. This one looks unwinnable to me, In fact I'd put money on it. The three red nines on the left cannot be moved because the appropriate tens are not in the tableau. The other possibility of moving one of them into an empty column is a non starter as well as far as I can see. It's also obvious that the eight of hearts can't be moved. I'm not surprised you are baffled.
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    HOLD EVERYTHING. I've cleared a column!
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    This is the most difficult game I've ever won. No doubt about it.
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    Hi Jerry,
    1/.First you click on the solution and it will open.
    2/. You will see this "address" at the top of your screen.
    3/. Highlight it and copy it.
    4/. Stay online.
    5/.Open up your Pretty Good Solitaire as normal and then Demons & Thieves. The troublesome (understatement) game will be there in front of you. It doesn't make any difference if it is at a part solved position or not.
    5/. At the top left corner of your screen you will see "Game" "Options" "Internet" & "Help". Click on "Game"
    6/' A drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Open Game" (or similar).
    7/; A new window will appear. At the foot of that there should be a long box called "File name". Paste the "address" into that and then click "Open" (See screenshot beneath this message).
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    8/. (Click on the above screenshot to enlarge).
    9/. After you've pasted in the address and clicked "open" the box called "File name" will grey over. Wait until my solution opens on your screen.
    10/. Before you do anything else go back up to the top left and click "Game" again. This time select "Save as" (or similar) from the drop down menu. You will then have your own copy of my solution that you can open any time in the future that you choose.
    11/. My solution will still be there on your screen. Click on "Undo" repeatedly until you unwind it to the very start. Then click on "Redo" repeatedly and watch all the moves that I made.

    Hopefully you will manage to follow all of these instructions okay. There is NO possibility that you can screw anything up in your PC by doing so. If you make a mistake then nothing will happen, that's all. Get back to me if you have any problems. I'm practically always online.
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    Hi Jerry,
    Ha! I even impressed myself. I used to use every trick in the book to win Demons & Thieves on deal one. I would replay them over and over and succeeded most of the time. On rare occasions I would use the second deal. Your nightmare game required me to deplete the stock to just 5 cards before we could gain access. There won't be a harder D&T than this.
    I love to tackle games of this nature and selfishly hope you can dig up some more.


  • Richard; Great to know that I can win it. Now all I need to know is how to interpret the file that you attached. Is there a FAQ somewhere that tells me this? It looks like it would apply to all the games, so I would think that there should be. Thanks for the support. Jerry
  • Richard, I was able to follow all of your instructions with the desired result. Wow! No wonder I wasn't able to solve it. There were a few tricks there. One I have never done, and others I have, but you took to them to levels that I never dared to attempt. This has been an education. Thanks. Jerry
  • Hi Richard,
    While I do try and win on deal one, I don't retry until I can. I figure that I win about 10% - 20% of my games on deal one. However, I normally take any win when I get it and then go on. I have wondered if it was possible to win all of them on deal one; sounds like more of them are winnable than I thought.
    I did run into a toughie yesterday; took me a couple of hours and ? attempts, but it really didn't match this one. If I run into another one, I'll forward it.
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