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I've been working this game for over 2 days and get stuck about half way. This must be one of those that have only one path for completion. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Looks like you forgot to upload the screenshot.
    Here are the moves you need.
    AS out,3C up,10H over,JD up,5C up,QD over,10H over,7S over,AH+2H+3H out, AD out,5S up,10S over,AC out,9H over,3D over,KH into space,5H over,QC over,JD down,3D over,9H over,9S onto 10D,8C over,8S up,6H onto 7C,5C down, 8D+7S over,8S down,7H pile onto 8C,4H out,JS+10H over,KS+QD into space. Other moves should be okay.


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    It's not particularly difficult with the right start. Posting a partial solve for you if you know how to use it. If not I will write out the card order later today.
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    OK, I've got a few minutes now. Open up Freecell as normal. Your problem game will be onscreen. Ignore it. At the top left of your screen you'll see "Game" "Options" "Internet" "Help"
    Click on "Game"
    On the drop-down menu click "Open game" (or similar).
    In the new window you'll see a long box at the foot with "File name" to its left.
    Paste this into it.
    Now click Open and wait until my solution loads on your PC.
    Any problems, let me know.
  • Never seen or used it before. Would love to know how though.
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    The above post told you how to use it.
  • "open" is grayed out. (Mac Vs 2.3)
    Under game the following are available:Next, restart, save,include in favorites, & close
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    I don't have a Mac. I can only tell you what I see. We have a visitor so I've not got time to write you out a solution. See if this screenshot helps you to solve it. Click on it to enlarge.
    864 x 335 - 63K
  • Here's a screenshot of the game tab
  • that worked. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
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    You are welcome.
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