Little Picture Gallery #2093909887

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My best score on this one is 19 points. Grrrrr.

On an unrelated note, game 1024917376 is one of the tougher winnable deals I've encountered in this game.

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    It's actually winnable. I can post my solution if you decide to give up.


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    Aha! I finally got it! Thanks!

    Edit: Thomas, are you sure Little Picture Gallery has a 99% win rate? I've gotten two random deals in a row with no moves at the start, followed by two deals in a row where a few cards can be moved to the foundations, but the game is clearly blocked beyond that. I have recorded 19 wins and 7 losses. Account for two games with no moves available from the start, and one loss which was on a winnable deal which I later replayed and won, and my record is19-8.
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    Well done.
  • Yeah; once I went over all the reasons in my head why the deal can't be won, I realized what move I had made to make it unwinnable. :)

    774014144 is another tough, but winnable, deal.
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    Thanks. Three good games. The middle one gave me the most trouble.
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    The difficulty percentages involve a bit of guess work. You really need to play a large sample of deals before you can establish a true percentage. Even then you have to factor out the suspicious looking ones that some people insist on posting. :)
    The stats posted beneath this all look totally honest to me. =D>
    (Click to enlarge).
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    1531100928 is my current problem deal. I feel convinced that a score higher than 15 isn't possible, but after my eyes were opened regarding the deal that initiated this thread, I don't trust myself anymore.

    My next deal, 437565313, dead-ended much more quickly. The deal after that, 1816197375, was won without much difficulty.
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    I'd say that 15 is the maximum score possible. I'd put money on it.
  • On deal #1826894335, I can't score higher than 16 points.
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    Another loser I'm afraid.
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