FreeCell Plus Game #1097679142

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I have played 1200 games with a perfect winning score but this game has got me stumped!

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    I am assuming that you mean FreeCell # 1097679142. (FreeCell Plus is the name of a product with 12 different games.)

    If so, then... Yes it is winnable. [solution attached]

    Gregg :(|)


  • Yes, it was FreeCell. It's easy when you know how! Many thanks for your help - I can now sleep at night! (Please tell me it really WAS a difficult one!)
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    It was really not one of the easy ones.
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    I couldn't get your solution to work. The message is that the beta edition has expired.
    I'm uploading my own solution just so I can see if I have some problem or other.
    Incidentally "beringer" it is possible to get all four aces onto the foundations more quickly than normal.

    UPDATE..... My own solution works perfectly. With your upload Gregg there appears to be no option other than to download it. Then no matter what, I get the error message.
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    >The message is that the beta edition has expired.

    That has nothing to do with the solution. I allowed the previous GSE beta to expire without an update, resulting in that message. If you launch GS101, MPS, or FreeCell Plus (as referenced in the title) and then load the solution, it should work fine. (Using 'Open with...' one of those products should work, too.)
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    Fair enough, although "I am assuming that you mean FreeCell # 1097679142. (FreeCell Plus is the name of a product with 12 different games.)" is ambiguous. I didn't read it in the way you intended it to be read. Now we have solutions in both formats within the thread if anyone else was attempting the number.

    HA! I've just loaded your solution into 101 Gregg and got no deja vu whatsoever. Absolutely no idea how my copy and paste resulted in me playing an entirely different game. I was wondering how Markus thought that it was a difficult one. That explains a lot. It's 23.10. The temperature indoors is 26.4. We've had a week of this. This is way out of our league. I am suffering from temperature fatigue. It's got nothing to do with old age....or beer. (Damn it!).
    Maybe tomorrow.
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    Relief at last. This is what we're used to. Overnight temperatures in single figures.
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    Here's our weather!
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    I don't envy you one iota Ken.The thing is that you are at lot more used to it. I BURN at 18 °C after just a few minutes. Day time temperatures around here have been 2 to 3 times what we are used to. It was 26.1 at 1am this morning. We find it impossible to sleep in heat like this. Record temperatures for May. It doesn't bode well for the summer. Liz used to love the heat, but now that she is older she can't tolerate it either. Roll on the winter.
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    Is the drought over Ken. And thanks for putting the temps in a way we Celsius challanged can read them.
    Ok I looked it up. You were uncomfortable were you not Richard. I'll send you a ceiling fan.
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    According to the forecast in the snip I posted it should have been 15°C here today dropping to 7°C overnight. It's still 25.1°C and it's 10pm. Forget about the fan Mike. Shipping would be too expensive. Just send beer, even American beer will do.
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    Michael is going to Pennsylvania next week. (he gets to do things) I see if he can ship you some Iron City beer. It would be an experience.
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