Spaces and Aces

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I used to be good at this game, but I can't seem to nut out #1750031487. Can anybody figure this one out???



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    Almost certainly winnable Robin. I made one mistake. Score of 46 at first attempt. Not really my my kind of game. I noticed that Blaikie7, Ken Blackwell has been hovering around lately without posting anything. He's the guy you need for this. He once said that he thought that they were all winnable.
    What's wrong Ken? Broken your typing finger? :))
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    Screenshot after attempt #2. Same score but a better tableau. This MUST be winnable. Click to enlarge..
    1584 x 710 - 304K
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    I could scream! I won your game Robin, but foolishly played the final card before stopping to save it. Going to have to try it again.
    576 x 46 - 17K
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    At last. No easier winning it the second time.
    Spaces and Aces_1750031487_Eureka.pgs
  • Wow! Thank you Richard, I will look through your solution soon. It's one of those games where you just have to try things and calculate ahead.
  • just saw your post. Good job Richard
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    Thanks Robin.
    Also thanks Ken.
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