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Welcome to the new forum! You will need to create a forum account on this new forum in order to post. To do this, just click on the sign up button on the right side. New signups require approval as an anti-spam measure, I will try to approve new forum members as soon as possible.

Once you are approved, you'll be able to post. You'll find that there are many more features to this forum than the old forum had.


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    Thomas, can you give us a preview of the new features to the forum? Thanks!
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    And I guess the first feature I would like to know how it works is how do we post solutions? I don't see an upload link.
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    Ken, yes I'm going to write up a summary of what you can do, probably either tonight or tomorrow.

    I had to install a plug-in to allow file attachments, but that is done now so you should be able to attach files to messages.
  • Heh I just signed in using Google. Easy as that. Didn't even have to create an account.
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    Yep. I signed in using my Google Account too. Very simple. Love the look of the new forum so far.
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