New iPad App - Goodsol Solitaire 101 for iPad

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Our 4th iPad app is now available.

Goodsol Solitaire 101 is a solitaire game collection with 101 regular games and 34 bonus games, for a total of 135 different solitaire games.

The games are Aces and Kings*, Aces Up, Acquaintance*, Agnes Bernauer, Alaska*, Antares*, Auld Lang Syne, Australian Patience*, Baker's Dozen, Baker's Game, Beleaguered Castle, Black Hole, Busy Aces, Calculation, Canfield, Clover Leaf*, Crazy Quilt, Cruel, Demons and Thieves*, Deuces, Double FreeCell, Double Klondike, Double Pyramid, Duke, Dutchess, Eagle Wing, EastHaven, Eight by Eight, Eight Off, Empress of Italy*, Fan, Fifteen Puzzle*, Fifteen Rush*, Five Piles, Flower Garden, ForeCell, Fortune's Favor, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Fours Up*, Fourteen Out, Free Fan*, FreeCell, Gaps, Gargantua, Gold Rush*, Golf, Great Wheel, Hypotenuse*, Indian Patience, Interchange, Josephine, King Albert, King Tut, Klondike, La Belle Lucie, Lady Jane*, Miss Milligan, Montana, Mount Olympus, Nestor, Number Ten, Osmosis, Patient Pairs, Penguin, Penta*, Perpetual Motion, Perseverance, Putt Putt, Pyramid, Quadruple Klondike, Rank and File, Red and Black, Rouge et Noir, Royal Family, Russian Solitaire, Scorpion, Sea Towers, Shamrocks, Simple Simon, Sir Tommy, Sixes and Sevens, Spider, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits, Spider Web*, Spiderette, St. Helena, Storehouse, Strategy, Tarantella*, Terrace, Thieves of Egypt*, Thirteens, Three Shuffles and a Draw, Three's Company*, Triple Klondike, Vertical, Virginia Reel, Will o the Wisp, and Yukon.

*game invented by Goodsol.

Goodsol Solitaire 101 is easy to play - just drag the cards or tap them to move them quickly. Our beautiful cards are designed to look like real cards but be easy to see.

Undo any move or all your moves. It automatically saves your games when you leave and you can continue playing when you return. The AutoPlay/QuickMove option can automatically play cards to the foundations for you.

Pinch to make the cards smaller or spread to make them bigger. It automatically adjusts card size for portrait or landscape. Tap and hold on a pile to get more information about what cards can be played there.


Goodsol Solitaire 101 contains a new feature - a new system of selecting the next game number to play. When you play a game you have never played before, you start with game #1, then when you win or do a new game, you play game #2 and so on. This is like Climb Mode in our other products. However, you can also select a game number to play any game number you wish.

And (this part is the most different from our previous products), if you play a game number you have played before and play that game number again, your second score in that game number will *replace* your previous score on that game number (rather than just creating another score). This means it is possible to go back and play the games you lost and try to win them and replace the losses.

For iPad. $5.99.

Download on the App Store at

Or go to the App Store and search for "goodsol". See also our previous iPad games, A Little Solitaire, Goodsol FreeCell Plus, and Most Popular Solitaire.

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We are working on Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad with at least 460 games, it will be available very soon. For updates on its status, see .

The Windows and Mac versions of Goodsol Solitaire 101 are available at .



  • Member, Beta Tester
    There is maybe a bug in the Goodsol 101 app. I have played 15 acquaintance games and when i came back, then the stats say, that i don't have played them and started counting from #16 on. When i played after that #1 (by choosing directly) again, it counted the games between (2 up to 15) as a loss. I had t replay them. Next time the same problem again. All already won games had been not counted in the stats again.
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