I've bought Pretty Good Solitaire, how do I download it again?

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Instructions for WINDOWS:

If you purchased or upgraded in 2008 or later, the latest version is a free upgrade and can be downloaded from http://www.goodsol.com/download.html

If you purchased before 2008, you can upgrade for US$11.95 at http://www.goodsol.com/upgrade.html or download an older version at http://www.goodsol.com/downloadpre.html (if you have the latest version installed, be sure to uninstall it before installing an earlier version).

Install and then use your registration code to make it the full version as below.

1) Start the program either by clicking on the icon on the desktop.

2) On the main screen (above the names of the games and below the toolbar buttons), there are 4 icons, one for each suit. Click on the Spade button (rightmost button).

3) The ABOUT window will appear. Click where it says "Enter Registration Code".

4) A window will pop up asking for your name and a registration code. Enter your name and registration code EXACTLY, including spelling, punctuation, and case.

5) Click on OK. You will then be registered. Your name and code should now appear in the About box when you select About from the Help menu.

If you ever need to have your registration code sent to you again, you can request that your code be sent to you again from http://www.goodsol.com/regusers.html


Instructions for MAC:

Download the full version from the link in your receipt email.

After downloading the full version, run the downloaded file to install. When the install window comes up, be sure to drag the game icon from the install window to the desktop or Application folder. Then you can click on the new icon to play.

The full version will ask you for your registration code the first time you start it.

If you do not have your code, you can request that it be sent to you again from http://www.goodsol.com/regusers.html
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