Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad v1.1 with 520 Games

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A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad is now available! If you have purchased the app, go to the App Store Updates area, the update should be there.

If you have not bought the iPad app, it is available at

Pretty Good Solitaire for iPad v1.1 contains 520 games. Here is what is new:

New Features:

added 20 new games, bringing the total number of games to 520
added favorites with star buttons in game list on main menu
added snapshot and redo to snapshot (touch game toolbar button to access)
added new card set - Tropical Card Set
added New Games list for showing new/recent games

Bug Fixes:

chosen game was not highlighted when selected randomly via shake
no score was registered for games where no move could be made
random deal function always choose the same sequence of numbers
Westcliff did not allow group tableau moves
Crossroads did not allow wrapping in tableau
undo did not clear highlight before reversing move
rules for Westcliff incorrectly stated only one card can be moved
some games (Forty-Nine, Push-Pin, Thirty-Six) showed no rules
double tapping did not work properly for moves in Fourteen Up
fixed rare crash immediately upon return to main menu

If you purchase or update, be sure to rate and review the app! More information about the new version, including a list of the 520 games, is at
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