No moves to begin Little Billie.

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Having won 1031 games in Little Billie the next game has no moves, hence unwinnable, very disappointed to put it mildly.
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    What was the game number?
  • Hi,

    Game no 429146881.

    Thank you for your reply, appreciated.
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    Remember. If you look at the hand. And see no moves. Just go to the next hand. You can keep your record going that way. Don't try any moves. Of course.
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    I did just that, but on the "Internet top scores" my position from 9th has now been demoted to 81st. No point really trying for top spot if all it takes is bad luck to undo all the effort one has put into achieve the high score in the first place.
    Thanks for reply, appreciated.
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    What a nasty deal!
    Did this game record as a loser in your own PC stats? If you didn't make any moves it shouldn't have.
    Saying that, there is a bug in Little Billie in my opinion. According to the rules all of the cards in each pile can be shuffled twice. This doesn't happen in this case. Everything just remains the same. That was why I asked for the game number.
    I've had a look at the online stats and see that you have a loss recorded against your name, probably because of this game number. You will never be able to improve on that unless you play a huge number of additional games without a further loss.
    Where about in Wales are you?
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    Hi, thanks for your reply, yes, it did record a loss on my stats. Perhaps it shouldn't be called a shuffle, more a restacking really.
    I'm in Tywyn by the way, a small town on the West coast.
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    The rules state " After all possible plays have been made, redeal by clicking on the green arrow in the upper left corner. All the cards in the fans are reshuffled". This doesn't happen. I deliberately played just one card up to the foundations. This was an ace from the second last group. (More moves were possible). I clicked reshuffle. The result was that the bottom card of the last group became the top card of the second last group. Everything else remained the same. Therefore I'd have to agree that it is inaccurate to say"all of the cards in the fans are reshuffled". Perhaps Gregg or Thomas will have some input regarding this. Perhaps nobody anticipated that an immovable deal would occur.
    Will get back to you re Tywyn.
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    I've had a look at Tywyn on Google Streetview. Not bad at all. Nice to be on the coast. My partner Liz and I are members of the Scottish Castles Association. They are planning a visit to North Wales sometime in 2914. Not clear how many days this will entail. Likely to be an expensive trip anyway. We'll see how we get on and perhaps plan another trip there under our own steam. We have a camper van so we will be able to go wherever we fancy.
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    The reshuffle in Little Billie is not a random redistribution of the cards. It is a reshuffle somewhat like the shuffle in Cruel. It picks up the cards and then redistributes them down in order with 4 cards in each pile, so that if no moves are made there will be no changes. But if any moves are made (and most of the time there should have been a lot of moves made), then there will be significant changes to which pile a card is in.
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    Let's see. In 2914 Richard will be how old? :-))
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    I hope to be alive in 2910 as my Birthday will be on Easter Sunday, I have Easter day Birthdays in 2014 and 2025 but not likely to make any more as my next one will be in 2087
    if you have a birthday from March22nd to April 25th I can give you a list of Your Easter day birthdays.
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    I thought you must have been at the whacky backy when I read your post Mike Then the penny dropped. I have rectified my error. Thanks.......(I think). :)
  • Support,would it not be possible to reinstate my position bearing in mind it was not a lost game more an impossible to win game.

    RichardScotland , bring your macs, it's getting pretty wet down here, I'm sure you'll enjoy.
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    The trip (trips?) is/are not until next year. I expect the rain will go off by that time. It never rains in pubs anyway. :)
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    I cleared my stats for Little Billie and tried your game again. Provided you don't click for a "shuffle" the game is not recorded as a loss. Because you have no reason to believe that the shuffle is not really a shuffle, you have no way of knowing the result until after the damage has been done. It is a bit of an injustice in my opinion. A warning within the Rules wouldn't be a bad idea.
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    Is the "reshuffle" always the same. I can't figure these things out. It's not random.
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    Mike, the rules say "There are two redeals" and that "ALL the cards in the fans are reshuffled". Neither of those quotes describe what actually happens. In the game in question the cards remain exactly as they were. It is a very old game and the software probably does what the person who devised the game actually intended. Just rewording things a little would help cover this extremely rare occurrence .
  • Sorry, off topic, but I couldn't resist.

    RichardScotland, “Where did you locate the elixir of youth? You wrote “They are planning a visit to North Wales in 2914” Now that's what I call forward planning.
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    Yes John, Mike was winding me up about that already. I normally use the numbers on the rhs of the keyboard where the zero is out of harms way. Those clever people at Microsoft turn off the Num Lock when I shut my PC down. I am using a wireless keyboard so there isn't even a light to warn me. That was quite a plausible excuse eh? :)
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    The big question is "Could Liz stand Richard for the next 900 years?"
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    She says "Yes". :x
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