What is a climb score?

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What does "climb score" mean? How is it used?


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    >What does "climb score" mean?

    This is the total score for all deals played in order starting from deal # 1 (therefore excluding any scores that are not in order). For most players, this is identical to 'Total Points', so it is only shown when it differs (i.e., when a player has skipped deals).

    In other words, it means that you are explicitly (or randomly) choosing deals. :)

    >How is it used?

    The 'Climb Score' is included solely as a means for comparing scores to another player over an identical set of deals. All of the Mac OS X and many of the Windows titles have a 'Climb Mode', which score is essentially equivalent.

    My climb score for FreeCell is 52000 over the first 1000 deals. With the iPad games, I can try to solve other (higher) deal numbers without adversely affecting this statistic.

    Gregg :(|)
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