Freecell Climb Game # 617

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I've been working on this game now for 3 days and can not seem to get any where.
Any help on about the first 10 moves would be appreciated.

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    It is winnable. QH onto KS, 2S up, JS onto QH, 10C onto JD, KH up, AH out, KH back down, QH +JS onto KC, KS up, 10S over, QS over.
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    Thereafter try and get to here. Be aware that you may need to take a card or two back down off of the foundations. 3C is definitely one of them. Click on the screenshot to enlarge.
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  • Thanks, finally got it! Seems ez after I followed the directions that support suggested.
    Sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees!!
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    I wrote out the first 10 or 11 moves earlier in this thread, at 4.19. Perhaps you missed it. Once you have got the correct starting sequence many other moves just fall into place.
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    I am at #514 with FreeCell. Just 102 until the mind breaker. Great.
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    I appreciate you, Richard! (Even if no one else does!)
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    I just did #617 in 4:05 minutes. Maybe it helped, that i knew, that it is a harder game, but i have had harder ones. It just fell on my third attempt. The most difficult for me was so far #178 with over 11 minutes.
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    "Back from Bulgaria?' he bumbled and babbled.
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    Visiting his great uncle no doubt.
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    I've just won your #178 in under 5 minutes Markus. That was with Liz talking to me at the time too.
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    That Liz was talking don't affect. When Krista is talking i am listening every 5 minutes to see, if she isn't anymore repeating old things.

    How do you know my uncle? How do you like him in Tweed?
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    I recognized him immediately. The McReischl tartan gave it away. He was drinking pints of Guinness & Coca Cola in a pub in Perthshire.
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    Ah, ok, he told me, that he was there observing a Scotsman who was shaking his head all the time, especially when he was drinking. He thought, that it was a very hard fall of Parkinson. I will explain him. :O
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