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Have tried without success--has anyone managed to win this game

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    Another newbie! Things are starting to look up. Welcome Arthur.
    Your game cannot be won. Look at the positions of all of the red queens. The only place they can go is onto a black king. ALL of the black kings are in columns with red queens beneath them They just can't be shifted.
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    It's just bad luck when you come across an unwinnable game Arthur. It you'd scrutinized it before moving a card it wouldn't have been recorded at all. You just have to take it on the chin,accept it, and move on. Some people have found ways to cheat the system, but what's the point? The veterans from the old forum have had many discussions regarding this matter. We have agreed not to go over to the Dark Side. Ha!
    BTW Goodsol have a collection of games where everybody plays exactly the same games in consecutive numerical order, starting from game number one. The stats for it are 100% honest.


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    Many thanks Richard for confirming that the game cannot be won. How does that affect ones score and can one claim it as unwinnable if you move on to a new game.
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    Again many thanks for your help and advice Richard--I have made a note of your comments and will scrutinize with care in future.
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