Exchanging saved games

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This forum allows users to exchange saved games for discussion, to provide help and solutions, and (honestly) to prove that a particular game and deal was solved. Here are a few things to know:

File types (extensions)

There are 3 main types of saved games you are likely to see on the Goodsol Solitaire Forum:

  • .PGS - these are used by Pretty Good Solitaire on Windows, and some of the older Wizard games

  • .GOODSOL - these are used by Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition, as well as Goodsol Solitaire 101, Most Popular Solitaire, and FreeCell Plus on both Mac and Windows

  • .PGMJ - these are used by Pretty Good MahJongg on both Windows and Mac

Sharing (posting)

To share a file, save it on your computer, then start a comment or new thread [*] and when you are finished with the text, click 'Attach a file' and browse to the saved file on your computer, then post your message.

[*] Best practice is to look for a thread devoted to the game you are playing and post your question there. If you do not see an appropriate one, start a new thread with only the name of the game, not the deal number; this makes it easier to discuss the game itself and different deals as one cohesive conversation.

Downloading (opening and saving)

If you want to get a saved game that somebody else has posted, there are two basic options: saving the file to your computer and opening the file directly from the forum.

To save the file on your computer, right-click the file image in the message and select the 'save' or 'download' option your browser uses:

  • Internet Explorer - "Save target as..."

  • Safari - "Download Linked File [As...]"

  • Firefox - "Save Link As..."

  • Chrome - "Save link as..."

Choose a location and appropriate file name and save the file. It can then be opened from within the program, and .GOODSOL or .PGMJ files can be double-clicked to automatically launch the program and load the saved game.

To open a file directly from the forum, right-click the file image in the message and select the appropriate 'copy' option for your browser:

  • Internet Explorer - "Copy shortcut"

  • Safari - "Copy Link"

  • Firefox - "Copy Link Location"

  • Chrome - "Copy link address"

The address of the file on the server is then copied to your clipboard/pasteboard. From there, launch the program and start to open a file, then paste the address into the filename box and open the file. Note that there is a delay while the program downloads the file prior to opening it.

Either option above works well for .PGS files, while the first (saving, then double-clicking) is probably easier and quicker for the other two types.

Our iPad games do not (yet) have a method for loading or saving games, but the deal numbers are compatible with the Windows and Mac versions, so it is still possible to find out if a particular deal is winnable and get assistance (albeit not with solution files).

If you have any questions, please post them here. Otherwise, Let's Get Sharing! :)


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    Interesting new problem. I tried to upload a file. Just as I thought I had done in the past. When trying to attach the file. I got a message that the file was too large. What am I doing wrong?
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