Differences between Conversations and Wall Postings

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There has been some confusion about how exactly some of the features on the new forum work, so I thought I would post some information/documentation about how things work.

There are basically three different ways to post on the forums: discussions, wall postings, and conversations. Discussions are obvious and don't need much explaining: these are the main postings you see when you go to the forum (or click on Discussions at the top of the page). Discussions are public postings everyone can see.

When you click on someone's username, you are taken to the personal page. On this page you can see their activity and there is a large box that says "Add Comment". This is where you can make wall postings. These are messages to a specific user that appear on their page. Note that these postings are also public, they will show up on their personal page and in the list of Activity.

Finally, you can send private messages, which are called "Conversations". To do this, you can click on "Send a Message" on a user's personal page, or click on Inbox at the top of the page and click on the "Start a new Conversation" button. Conversations are private between only the members involved (you can have multiple members on a conversation). Even I as a board administrator cannot read these (although I don't know if they are stored encrypted on the server). Conversations not involving you do not show up in the Activity list.


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    Can i make a comment on my own wallpaper? Can i upload a picture? I just tried to add a comment on Richard's wallpaper, but i missed the attach a file-button.
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    Yes, I believe you can make comments on anyone's wall, including your own.

    I don't think you can attach files for wall postings, only for discussions (and I'm not sure about private conversations).
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    Not being very familiar with Facebook, I don't understand what wallpaper is. Is there any kind of guide for those of us who never use Facebook? I've just seen the pages but know nothing else about it. I know it won't make any difference, but this new format is too complicated for me.
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    You've still not clicked on your Inbox Kathy. Top of this page left of your username. Do that and I'll help you to make the new forum look more similar to the old one. It's pretty uncomplicated really. Tips #1 and #2, Forget about Facebook. Forget about wallpaper.
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