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Anyone have any suggestions for new games? I'm beginning to build my list of games to add to the next version of Pretty Good Solitaire. If you have a particular type of game that you like, or a game that you like that you would like to see harder or easier, suggest it here.


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    How about Virginia Two Step? Virginia Reel with a re-deal. VR is too difficult to be really popular, whilst Blue Jacket appears to be practically 100% winnable.
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    ok, why do I always pick the easy games, thought B J was too easy
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    Blue Jacket is sometimes not that easy. But it is a good game for working out little puzzles.
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    I already mentioned these on Facebook but I'll mention it here too...

    Chinese Solitaire

    Here are some more others I didn't mention:

    Klondike Left (turn over 1 card at a time, unlimited redeals)
    A variation of Small Triangle....move group of cards regardless of suit.
    A variation of Spidike....move group of cards regardless of suit.
    A variation of Russian Solitaire where you fill empty space with any cards/group of cards headed by any cards.

    A variation of Springfield with a redeal.
    A easier variation of the game Crescent with 5 redeals...would call it Crescent Five
    A variation of Odd and Even with 2 or 3 redeals.
    A variation of Streets with a redeal and another variation of it with group moving by alternate

    I know that only a couple or 3 might only be added in the next version that I mentioned, but you can keep the rest in mind for the future version updates.

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    The number of possible new games is infinite. Existing games can have re-deals added or cells where tableau cards can be placed out of ones road. Mostly we are just dumbing down existing games. This best suits people who cannot be bothered putting in the time and the effort to win the original games. That said, I think there is a case for tweaking games in the Very Difficult category to give players a realistic chance of winning the occasional one. Virginia Reel is one example. British Canister is another. The latter is practically unwinnable. In all of the years the forum has been in operation we have yet to see a genuine case where it has been won. The people who purport to having won it invariably fail to provide a winning number. We all know why. I propose a new version of British Canister where the first red ace and the first black ace from the stock are automatically dealt to the foundations. This would obviously increase the winnability of BC and encourage people to actually play it.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. If you have any more, post them.

    I've decided that there won't be another Windows release of PGS this year (contrary to the past few years but more like how I did it years ago). The new release in January/February will then have 20 new games instead of 10, so there are a lot more new game spaces to fill this time.
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    This best suits people who cannot be bothered putting in the time and the effort to win the original games

    Like people who have gardens to build and places to go. :)

    And of course. Golf to play.
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    Wouldn't hurt to take a little break for new releases in the windows version (3 times there has been this year) and focus on the Mac version & iPad version for a change so that they can catch up a bit.

    Looking at my list up there, probably no need for variation of spidike (moving group of cards regardless of suit) since Queenie is like Yukon (moving groups of cards reglardless of any sequence). Queenie is pretty much the same as Spidike which I would go for anyways.

    If I think of any other possible new games....I'll come here. I generally would look at the SolSuite site and perhaps the Solitaires Unlimited website.
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    Let's try and get real for a minute. There are 8760 hours in a year. We currently have 880 games. Therefore you could spend roughly 10 hours playing each game if you played for 24 hours per day for an entire year. More realistically we could play for just eight hours per day and spend 3 hours and twenty minutes on each game. I pose the question, just how valuable do you believe the likes of Freecell, Forty Thieves, Triple Interchange etc to be if you are only going to allot 200 minutes per year to playing just one of them? Many of we veterans have spent that amount of time and more playing a single hand. I have no inclination to venture across to the dark side that encompasses other solitaire providers, We already have both quality and quantity right here. Amen.
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    Hear, hear!!
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    Yea for Richard, I agree,
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