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    Their life is effectively over Ken. They will be harassed and pestered everywhere they go. £14,000 per day INTEREST! They should sponsor loads and loads of third world kids.
    BTW, they live/lived in Largs. We were there two days ago purely by chance. Probably about 4 hours drive from here.
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    Somehow, Richard, I can't feel sorry for them. (Now Mike is a different story!)
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    Thank you Ken. It's nice to feel pitied. Oh and before I forget. Welcome home Richard and Liz.
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    Burton and Taylor?
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    Well to be serious for a moment. I suppose Richard welcomed Liz to the afterlife not to long ago. Now to be less serious. Which of our duo will welcome? Never mind you get it.
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    It would appear that our collective sense of humour has veered off in a new direction.. Perhaps it's gone for a Burton. Should we have grave misgivings about this, or is it just dead funny? I dig it anyway. Who else would go looking for the likes of this?
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    This stone marks the place of interment of Major James Stewart afterwards removed to the family vault at Dundurn died about 1660'
    The chief of the Clan Stewart had made many enemies, but always managed to avoid them. He died peacefully in bed but his enemies, possibly Grahams or MacGregors heard of his death,and, furious at having been cheated of their revenge swore to desecrate his body on its way to burial at St Fillans. The funeral procession from the Stewart home at Ardvorlich house were forewarned and buried their chief in a shallow grave down the hillside close to Lochearn where he was left for several years until more peaceful times. He was then dug up to be safely buried in the proper place at Dundurn, burial place of the chiefs of the Clan Stewart.
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    A prime example of "never steal a sheep from a Scotman".
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    Not quite that trivial. The MacDonalds were miffed because the Stewarts had killed seven of their mates and buried them in an unmarked grave a short distance from Ardvorlich House.
    They were unearthed when the road was built over 200 years later

    'Near this spot were buried the bodies of 7 McDonalds of GlenCoe killed when attempting to harry Ardvorlich House AD1620'
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    Not trivial indeed. But you know there was probably something that happened before to the Stewarts to cause the incident. But then again. I am a newcomer to Scottish history. All this happened before my Great Grand Father was born there.
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    They were constantly at war with one another.
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    Somewhat rude maybe, but I thought this was hilarious. This was the front page of an Irish newspaper recently, and described what they thought of the government that had led them to the verge of bankruptcy. I've flipped it over in case it may offend anyone of a delicate disposition.
    Other recent news has revealed that ..........
    SALT is safe to eat – and cutting our daily intake does nothing to lower the risk of suffering from heart disease, research shows.
    For years, doctors have been telling us that too much salt is bad and official NHS guidance aims to speed up new measures to control how much we eat.
    But now a study, using more data than ever before, shows although blood pressure reduced when salt intake was cut, this had no long-term health benefits.
    The whole thrust of the story was that salt is perfectly safe to eat and that the “health fascists” were “proved wrong after lecturing us all for years”.

    FITNESS freaks who swig down endless amounts of water are in for a shock.
    Their belief that it’s vital to drink eight glasses of water a day is all nonsense, says a GP.
    In fact, according to Dr Margaret McCartney, “it is not only nonsense, but thoroughly debunked nonsense”.
    She says there is no clear scientific evidence that we benefit from drinking extra amounts of water, even though the NHS itself gives that advice.
    Several studies suggest there may be unintended harm if people are forced to drink more water, the Glasgow GP says in this week’s British Medical Journal.

    The moral of these stories is to eat and drink whatever you want and ignore all the so-called experts.
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    Cheers. =D>
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    Be careful on your holiday. Have a nip for me.
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    You can count on it my friends.
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    Are you going on holiday again, Richard? I thought you just got back.
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    Yes and yes Kathy. It's about two weeks since we got back.It would appear that Liz thinks that money is burning a hole in the bottom of my sporran.
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    And it is never good to have a hole in ones sporran.
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