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I just have one quick question. After upgrading to OSX El Capitan, I've noticed that the statistics view in Pretty Good Solitaire (the screen that comes up when you finish a game or click the "Statistics" button) has messed itself up. The columns are suddenly too small to hold the info they're supposed to hold, and thus I get things like "01...9" in the "Time" column. While this is fixed easily by resizing the column, the problem is there again the next time the screen comes up.

Is there any way to save the new column size, so that the stats screen stays that way?


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    I apologize for overlooking this thread somehow.

    >Is there any way to save the new column size, so that the stats screen stays that way?

    The column sizes (and positions) are automatically saved, so everything should be exactly as you left it. We are currently preparing an update that should work around bugs in El Capitan, and while I have not experienced that particular issue, I will make a point of trying to reproduce it here. Which version of Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition are you using?

    In the meantime, you may want to try setting up the screen size and game list columns exactly how you want, then exiting the program immediately, and then relaunching to see if they are properly saved. If you do, then please let us know the results, as this will help us to replicate the problem.

    Gregg :(|)
  • I'm sorry that I never saw this reply. I only came across it now, because I was looking at the forum again in search for how to turn on climb mode if you've been playing from game 1 and up anyway, just without having climb mode on from the beginning.

    To be perfectly honest, I don't remember how the issue I mentioned was resolved. Maybe it was via an update, though. And even though I did not see this until now, I appreciate that you took the time to try to help. Thank you!
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