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I don't care for the background color/patterns the games have and was wondering how to change all patterns of the 700 games to 'Faded Color' at the same time. Is this possible?


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    Looks like the people who know are busy. And I don't have an answer. And I am not sure what you are trying to do. If it is not in the options menu for all games. Then it might not be there.
  • Each game starts up with a background that the cards are dealt. These backgrounds are nice pictures but for me they're distracting. I 'm trying to find a way to change all 700+ games at once to the background 'Faded Color' instead of doing them one at a time. Also, if there's a new release of the games I have to do it all over again. Trying to save time.
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    Click on the Options button on the main screen, go to Backgrounds, select "Set All Games".

    Your background settings are not affected by new versions, updates remember all settings from previous versions.
  • I don't see buttons you mentioned. I have a iMac.
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    Hi Eugene,
    I don't suppose the Mac version is much different from the Windows one. See if my screenshots help. Thomas may take a day or two to respond so I hope they will do the trick.
    Back a.PNG
    417 x 272 - 20K
    back b.PNG
    932 x 538 - 31K
    Back c.PNG
    1094 x 609 - 83K
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    On the Mac it is nearly the same, except it is the Preferences button on the main screen, Background tab, click the "Set All Games to Global Background" button.
  • Okay. That worked for almost all of them, so for the rest I'll change when I come to them. Thanks for your help.......eugene
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