Here is another game that you could try. Classed as Mostly Luck 5%. If you don't rely heavily on luck you can do better than you've any right to expect. #1-10 inclusive, 3 winners and a very decent average score of 78.Nos. 2,3 and 8 were my winners.
393 x 145 - 23K


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    I got #2 pretty easily (but I can't speak about the other ones...)
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    The extra layer of skill involves manipulating what cards go into the tableau. I tried to keep a few cards in the tableau that I could have played onto the foundations. When I clicked on the stock and a good card appeared, I clicked on undo and then played am existing tableau card onto the foundations. It would immediately be replaced by the decent card I had had before I did the undo. Basically I tried to pack the tableau with as many useful cards as possible and consequently packed the waste pile with poorer ones. Just run through my solution and you'll see what I was doing.
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