Open Peek Cell

This is another good game. Don't let the difficulty rating of 3% put you off. I managed a 25%win rate with 1-40 inclusive. Ont of the first 10 I could only find one winner though.


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    I had tried the game. Its a bit tricky when there is only 1 cell. I'm thinking of suggesting a 2 cell version of the game. Having 2 cells would help a bit more and have a better chance of winning a deal.
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    If you look in the Rules you will see this under History :-
    Open Peek Cell is a variation of Open Peek, with a cell added to make the game easier.
    I think that adding another cell would make it far too easy. The vast majority of the games are already in the "Very easy" to "Easy" categories. It is far more challenging to play games in the more difficult categories. It's a far bigger buzz when you win one.
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    Played a game, forgot to play game 1, it was a 200000000 something game, but I won it. stumbled into some plays as I do not know how yet, will try it again see what happens
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    It's a decent game Marty. You have to be very careful what you put into the cell and try to plan ahead a move or two to give yourself a chance of getting it back out. You did well to win one.
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