Famous Fifty

This is a great game from the Forty Thieves group. Rated Hard 3% Mostly skill.
Nos. 3,4,5 and 8 are my winners in the first ten.


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    I forgot how much I love this game! Let me try your #'s. How's the mug business going, btw?
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    Slowly Ken. Getting Google and the other search engines to list them would be a start but all they do is ask you to advertise with them first whilst of course keeping your fingers crossed as there is no guarantee. Amazon and eBay are equally parasitic. The minute you as much as whisper "business" they all want to have their hands in the till (register). We have done okay under our own steam though.

    I like this F.T. game. You can't expect to play one quickly though. Did we have winners previously? (asked the man with no stats). :)
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