Foursome, Quartet and RankFreeCell - bug issue with the Undo?

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Not sure what's going on with the undo button when playing the game Foursome, Quartet and Rank FreeCell on the Mac version of PGS.

For Foursome and maybe Quartet: After I have got ridden of 4 cards that are the same, and after a few clicks (building up or down to try to make a good play) and then I went I hit undo after a play that I didn't meant to do, it goes back to where I had originally got rid 4 cards that which shown in the foundation and they stay there...can't get rid of them. When I click the stock to deal the rest of cards, you can't do much and when trying to play cards back to the tableau from the foundation...doesn't let you do it. So I had to restart the game to start all over again.

In Rank FreeCell, same issue as well. I just played a deal, after I got rid of the Aces and the Twos, after a few group movoing around and when I click undo, goes back to where I had got rid of the Aces....they stay in the foundation. When I move the black ace back to the red two from the foundation, doesn't let me do anything. Had to restart game to start over. That time I did win the game without having to use the undo.

Is anyone having issues with that?


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    I appreciate the bug report, especially with details. Confirmed: I was able to reproduce the issue in Rank FreeCell, so we will fix the error in the next Mac Edition update.

    Gregg :(|)
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    Foursome and Quartet still has that issue. Thought I bring that up again.
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    >Foursome and Quartet still has that issue. Thought I bring that up again.

    I appreciate that. It appears that we missed this fix (although it was more than two years ago, so I cannot remember). I will verify the problem again and make necessary corrections (if feasible).

    Thanks! :)
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