Why Canfield 322848929 is NOT winnable in PGS

I have spent an enormous amous of time on Canfield 322848929. It has taken me ages to accurately plot the positions of EVERY card in the Stock and every
card in the Reserve. I can now prove that this game is definitely NOT WINNABLE in PGS. It wasn't until I decided to slow the animation down to it's lowest speed and then make a video of the cards being dealt that I could be 100% certain. The cards are dealt in threes. The first three are the 6C followed by the KS and the AH. The order of those cards cannot be altered no matter what plays you make. The base card in the 2S and I now know the other twos are buried in the reserve. Therefore it stands to reason that the only way the game can be won is by playing spades onto the foundations until you can free a second two. After making the best combination of moves that is humanly possible you will definitely land up with tableau columns headed by 9D,KD,JS and JC.(That cannot ever be bettered). In order to get as far as trhis you will certainly have had to use the 6S before you can take the 5H from the reserve into the tableau. This means that you have been forced to use the 6S to shift the 5H, therefore building spades unto the foundations is no longer possible.We knew from the very start that the only other black six is never going to be available. GAME OVER.
The only way someone could win it in PGS is through a file that has been corrupted for some unknown reason. The game is definitely winnable if the base card could be dragged down into the tableau.
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    The saga continues. I've just had another email via Facebook. Peter Elliot who won the game was playing with the ONE card deal, whilst I was playing with the three card one. This also explains why his saved games would not load successfully in my PC. I was not aware that a single card deal was an option until now. It makes a bit of a nonsense of the online stats when one option is considerably more difficult than the other, and also because moving the base card from the foundations into the tableau is permissible in some Goodsol products and not in others. In the weakest of these disciplines Canfield is almost certainly 100% winnable.
    Canfield 322848929 is winnable using the single card deal.
    It is not winnable using the three card one. I will tidy up this mess on Facebook later today. It's almost 1am.
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    Posted in the Facebook page today
    Canfield or CANFIELDS?
    It’s time to put this Canfield problem to bed once and for all. Peter Elliot and I have been somewhat at odds as to whether game 322848929 is winnable or not in Pretty Good Solitaire (PGS).
    We already knew that it is winnable in other Goodsol collections where the rules are slightly different and make winning easier. You would imagine that there is a definite yes/no answer regarding whether it can be won in PGS. That answer is YES and NO. By default Canfield opens in the 3 card option and that game is not winnable. Peter had been using the 1 card option in which case the game is winnable. So instead of calling it Canfield it could be more accurately described as CanfieldS. In effect there are three Canfields with varying degrees of difficulty. The PGS 3-card option is the most difficult, the PGS 1-card option is the next most difficult. It is probably true to say that if you are playing Canfield where you are allowed to move the base card off of the foundation and into the tableau, you are playing an even easier version. I agree with Peter that almost 100% of Canfields will be winnable if played under the easier restrictions. All of this means that there is not a level playing field when it comes to the stats that are compiled online. I have no intention of discussing that particular minefield.
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