Winnable or Not.

Do you have a list of Free Cell games that are not winnable?


  • Is Free Cell game # 981610048 winnable or not?
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    We are told that Pretty Good Solitaire has 217483647 different Freecell deals. If you were to play one game per minute for eight hours per day it would take you over 1240 years to play them all. :-O
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    The known unwinnable games are #11982, #146692, #186216, #455889, #495505, #512118, #517776, and #781948. Game numbers over 1 million have not been systematically checked for solvability.
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    I believe you can add 4878199269 to that list.
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    If you are actually talking about 487199269 I'm inclined to agree Marty. My best score is just 9. (You have made a typo).
    The other Freecell game (981610048) asked about in this thread appears to be even worse. I'll play it some more today and let you know.
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    My best score with 981610048 is 8, comprising 4 hearts,3 clubs and 1 spade. I cannot see how it could be improved.
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    I agree 981610048 is not winnable
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    Larry posted a solution for 981610048 Marty. Someone (guess who?) muddled up the two threads. :-j
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