Allow me to introduce myself

Hey everyone! New guy here, thanks to admin for approving me. They might regret that decision a little later, LOL.

I've been playing PGS for 15 years, maybe a little longer, but for some reason never thought to look for a community of like-minded people. The only reason I found my way here is when I thought a game might be unwinnable. Turns out it's winnable. Go figure.

So I was advised to register here, so here I are. My participation could be sporadic, or it could be consistent; it all depends on how lonely I get. In the meantime, I'm off to play another round of solitaire games. Can't sleep unless I win at least five games before bedtime!


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    I thought for a minute you were going to say you were off to play another round of golf.
    Where do you live Joel? Is "Islander" a clue? Apart from Paul, Markus and myself everyone else that we know about appears to be American.
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    Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about that sort of thing.

    Born and raised in upstate New York (where the trees are), spent my teen years and early 20's as a touring musician and studio session player all over the country.
    Moved here to Nova Scotia, Canada in 1986 to marry a Canadian girl I met when she was vacationing in NY. Continued my music career here, quit in 1997, became a website designer 1999-2015, and came back to the music biz in August '15. Currently working on my own CD of original music.

    The "islander" is indeed a clue. I live at the top part of Nova Scotia, the part that looks like a baseball glove; Cape Breton Island. It doesn't look like an island, but the mile-wide, super deep channel of water at the south end makes it an island.
    The number following my user name is based on the age I will be this year. It's a thing I do when I join a site on the Web. I pretty much know how long I've been a member of places.

    Oh, and I like Reese's cups. Hate Brussels sprouts.
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    Nice to meet you, Joel. Where in upstate New York? My sister-in-law is from Glens Falls. She currently lives with my brother in FL. When I was living there, I told them I saw a hilarious bumper sticker that said "Happiness is 10000 Canadians headed north with a New Yorker under each arm". My brother just looks at me, cocks his head, and said "Ken, where's my wife from?" OOPS!
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    Hi Joel. I am very shy. So I don't give out a lot of personal information. But you can read about me in the Encyclopedia of Timewasters. Currently a 32 handicap at golf. That's so I can win a few bucks now and then. Have fun here.

  • @Tpa_Ken... I'm from Elmira. And I spent a bit of time in Glens Falls in the Spring & Summer of '84. I was living in the back room of Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs at the time. There was a girl in Glens Falls I was seeing. Happy Rhodes was her name. She went on to do some great things with her music, but never got the recognition she deserves.

    @butler77... I can be found in that same encyclopedia. Small world!

    Nice to meet you guys.
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    Hi Joel, I am just an old man who plays games when he cannot sleep or while the wife is watching soaps.. I am the guy that plays all of the easy games. I leave the hard games to Richard, Butler77, and TPA_KEN, Glad to have you aboard. What games do you play??
  • Hi thor. I pretty much stick to the easy ones myself. It's a way of being "mindless", a break from the daily grind. But I do keep it challenging with my own little personal rules of playing.

    The following games are in my Favorites list:
    - Aracnida
    - Big Bertha
    - FreeCell
    - FreeCell Duplex
    - Triple FreeCell
    - Cell 11
    - Triple Klondike
    - Quadruple Klondike
    - Spider One Suit
    - Big Spider One Suit
    - Huge Spider One Suit
    - Twenty Piles

    Now & then I venture into the rest of the games to see what I might like. And I always check out new games.
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    I always check out the new games also. On your list I only do freecell. like you I have my own set of special rules that I adhear to to make it different..
  • What games are your favorites? :)
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    I like 40 Thieves type games: Give & Take, Rueil, Famous Fifty, San Juan Hill, etc.
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    Welcome to the board.

    I got a long list of favorite 1 deck solitaire games and 2 deck solitaire games. That would be a long post lol
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    Aces wild, bluejacket, Freecell Plus. as I said, all easy

    Marty btw
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