How do I right a terrible wrong with a score?

Alrighty then, right off the bat, understand and believe that I am not looking for a way to cheat. I have never wanted to cheat, and will never want to cheat. Nor do I want to help someone else cheat, nor give clues how to cheat, nor do anything related to or even vaguely resemble the possibility of cheating in any form known to exist or which will exist in the future.

Having gotten the legal speak out the way (lol), here's my question...

Quite some time ago I accidentally chose to start a new game instead of restarting a game (this is before I discovered the option for Game Saving). This of course gave me a loss. And this totally screwed up my awesome winning streak. It looks horrible on the screen when I see that one loss rubbing itself in my face every time I play. So I need help, and as a computer geek type person I'm pretty sure there is a way to help. I just don't know how Goodsol handles it.

All I need to know is how to change that one loss into a win. Is there a database file or something similar on my hard drive that stores the scores? Whatever it takes, it would be nice to know. Feel free to private message me or email me with instructions, if you don't want to say it here. I know there ARE people who would cheat if they could, and per my above pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo, I wouldn't want to be party to that.

So how 'bout it. Can anyone help? It's just one freakin' loss that has been an ego destroying scar on the face of my game for a few years now.

Thanks in advance!


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    You never told us what game.
  • Triple Klondike.
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    My advice would be just forget about it and move on Joel. You KNOW it was just a mistake so your record is still 100%.
  • I've been telling myself that all this time, lol. But yeah, it's not like I'm in a tournament and crowds of people are pointing and laughing.
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    Joel, where do you save your games to??
  • I don't actually save them to anywhere, just have the option enabled to remember where I was if/when I exit the game before it's finished.

    Options > AutoPlay/GameSaving > tick the 'Use GameSaving' box.

    That way I can come back without a loss being counted. But I didn't know about that option early on when I mistakenly started a new game instead of re-start.
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    It can be done on my ancient Windows 98 system with some editing of the game user file, for example Joel_Triple Klondike.LOG
    I don't know how more modern systems store the data so someone with more knowledge than me might help.
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