Introduction to Pretty Good Solitaire Video

I have completed my very first video, an introduction to Pretty Good Solitaire for new users.

Here it is:


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    That is a very worthwhile video you posted Thomas. Well done. I checked on your Facebook page and was surprised it wasn't there. I've not looked on Google +.
    You will have seen that I've posted 2 or 3 videos in Facebook. The recipients have found them very helpful. Is it your intention to allow Solitaire videos to be posted here in the forum? I would caution against it unless you'd vetted them first though. Admittedly you could delete them at a stroke if need be.
  • Very good video! Glad it shows the right-click trick for moving cards. I discovered it accidentally long after I started playing PGS.
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    Sure, no reason you can't post videos here. There has already been some vetting just to be able to post at all.

    The video is up on the Pretty Good Solitaire Facebook page
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    Here is the first in a series of videos on how to play individual games:

    How to Play Kings in the Corners Solitaire

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    I tried to post a video in a Freecell thread. It uploaded for quite a while and then aborted.
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