Eight by Eight #30

Eight by Eight is usually winnable but I have been struggling with game #30 for ages. Anyone able to solve it?


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    That was tricky. I enjoyed getting the better of it. If you want to try and win it yourself you should concentrate in clearing column two first. Be careful not to cover the king in column three as you need to put it up into the space after you empty column two. I am also attaching my solution and a partial solution where column two has just been emptied. . These are Windows .pgs files and need to be opened with Pretty Good Solitaire.
    Eight by Eight_30_p.pgs
    Eight by Eight_30.pgs
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    If you click on the first PGS file above you will be able to see the following attached link in the address bar. Highlight and copy it.
    Now open Pretty Good Solitaire as you normally do. Select Eight By Eight so that you have a game dealt out in front of you.
    Click on "Game" and then "Open Game". See attachment. Then in the new window that pops up you should paste the link that you copied into the box illustrated in my second attachment. Then click on "Open" and wait until it loads.
    If you get stuck with any of this just make another post so that we can help you.
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