I am new to this game. I have won it a few times, so I know it's possible. But the average win rate is around 34% and I am not coming close. Can anyone help me out here? is there some aspect of strategy I'm missing?


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    Scorpion is quite a tricky game. You will probably win three or four from every ten played if you take your time. I don't think that there are any real tricks you can use to win them. I would advise you not to be in too much of a hurry to put a king into an empty space the minute you empty a column. You may find a better one if you wait a little longer. Of course there is always the "Undo" button. If you find that you've made a move that proves to be a poor one.
    It you could post a few game numbers that you have not won we would be able to tell you if they are winnable or not. That way you could work out where you went wrong.
    Hope this helps. Welcome aboard.
  • Dear Richard,
    Thanks for your very helpful reply. I think you have brought up the main problem I'm having: I'm in too much of a hurry. The rate of play for this game is clearly not the same as that of my old favorites. I'll take your advice and slow down--if I still don't succeed, I'll try posting a failed game or two.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful reply and your kind welcome.
    Best Wishes,
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    Richard's approach to playing Scorpion in song:

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    Trust you Ken! :) Given my ongoing challenges with creating a pond in my garden I think this would be more appropriate.

    btw Petra, I've played quite a few Scorpions since my last post in this thread. The game is a LOT more difficult than the rating of 35% would suggest. 8-10% could be more realistic unless you studied the deals carefully before you started playing them. That would ensure that you only tried the easier looking ones.
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    Back to back winners with 30/31. Good for 5 percent.
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    Of all the phony stats I have seen. The ones for this game take the rotten cake award.
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    Well done Mike. #29 and 32 are both losers so there's no chance of making it a treble.

    "Phoney stats"!! Even the Beatles were incensed. They called them the
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    "This video contains content from UMG_MK. It is not available in your country." You guys can't STILL be mad about losing the Revolutionary War, can you? It was over 240 years ago!
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    Tut,tut Ken ."Universal Music Group is an American global music corporation".
    Don't know if the following link will be of any use to you or not. You could let me know perhaps.
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    Back to back. #207 and #208.
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    Nice one Mike. I tried 206 and 209 No chance of making it a treble. :(
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