Can't see the stats for "Stock" or unplayed cards DURING game play

More than a 12 year customer of PGS, I recently had to buy new PC Windows 10 64 bit and re-installed PGS paid version from the site. (version 17.1.0) The games in which I used to be able to see these crucial stats were: Rectangular and Diplomat. I also play Sea Towers, Klondike, Rows of Four, Gaps and Spider One Suit. I had some screen resolution/card sizing issues initially but all those are OK now. Using the same screen but obviously the graphics card is different. These stats used to appear at the bottom of my screen and now I can't seem to access them whatsoever. I've tried hiding my PC Task Bar at the bottom but no effect. anyone got ideas or had similar issue? would attaching a screen shot help?


  • heres a screen shot showing only the top bar with no bottom bar for the stats I used to see.
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    Most likely the window is sized too big for the screen, or its positioned down a bit, so that the statusbar is below the bottom of the screen. Just click on the middle button in the top right corner, the maximize button, to maximize the game window to cover the whole screen, which will bring the statusbar back to the bottom.
  • that did not work. but i figured it out!!!!! in the main Explorer view , I clicked the Options Box and then Preferences selection. the second line down was "Show Game Statusbar" and it was NOT checked. Voila. That solved my problem. I had never seen that menu item. Thanks for your encouragement. I love your games and company!!!!
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