Bakers Dozen

# 1043146048 has me stumped: three kings at the top of a column covered by a queen and the fourth king at the top of another column also covered by a queen.
Any winners for this one?


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    Hi Dave,
    It's winnable but difficult. It takes a fair bit of forward planning. I will attach my solution and teach you how to use them. Don't panic, it's quite simple. Even old people like me can do it. Hope you are running windows though otherwise someone else may have to take over.
    Baker's Dozen_1043146048.pgs
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    If you click on my solution you should be able to see this in the address bar.
    Copy that now. I'll show you where to paste it soon.
    Open up your solitaire collection. I use Pretty Good Solitaire. Click to open Baker's Game so that you have cards dealt on your screen. Any deal will do. It doesn't even get recorded.
    Look up to the top left of your screen and you will see "Games" "Options" "Internet" and "Help". Click on "Game" and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Open game".
    You will now get a new window like my attachment.
    935 x 489 - 51K
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    The link that you copied earlier should be pasted into the long box I've ticked. Now click "Open" and wait until it loads. You will then see my solution run quickly past in front of you.
    Now go back up to the top left of your screen and click on "Game" again. This time select "Save as" from the menu. You will now have a hard copy of my solution with just my final two cards left on your screen. Click on "Undo" and you will be able to take the deal right back to the first card I played. Now click "Redo" and watch each individual move I made.
    Please get back to me here in this thread if you have any difficulty with my explanation. I will persevere for as long as it takes.
    Should have asked which Sudbury you're from. There are quite a few.
  • Richard:

    Thank you for your response and instructions. My interest was in finding out if it's winnable which you have confirmed. I don't need a solution since if I can't win it on my own I will accept it as a loss. Sudburys in KS, Ca, On, and Ma, at least. I'm in the latter.
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    You're welcome Dave. Let me at least point you in the right direction. You identified the huge problem of the face cards. You should concentrate your efforts towards getting the Jack and Queen of Spades onto the foundations before you do much else. After that you're on your own. :)
    I was hoping that you were from the Sudbury about 60 miles from London. I expect the others were named after it by immigrants from there. We have very few members from this side of the pond. Another UK recruit would have been welcome. All new recruits are anyway. :)
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