New Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition v3.4 with 700 Games

Pretty Good Solitaire Mac Edition version 3.4 with 700 games is now available.

This version updates the game for macOS High Sierra (10.13).  If you plan to update to High Sierra or have already updated, we recommend you download this latest version.

If you are still using Mac OS X Yosemite (10.11) or earlier, I highly recommend updating to this new version prior to updating to macOS High Sierra. Versions of Pretty Good Solitaire prior to version 3 will not work in Sierra or High Sierra.

This version also fixes a few bugs in individual games, such as Great Wheel.

If you have the full version installed, load the game, go to the Internet menu, select "Download Latest Version" to update. 

The trial version and more information is at .


  • Hi Thomas, I have having problems with all the web links in the 3.3 version. They seem to have broken about 2 weeks ago. How can download the full version of 3.4?
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    If you have an older version installed, just go to the Internet menu (on the menubar across the very top of the screen), and select "Download Latest Version". This will take you to where you can download the latest full version.
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