New Pretty Good Solitaire v17.2 for Windows with 960 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available!

Version 17.2 is available for download from

Here is what is new:

-- Version 17.2 contains 10 new FreeCell type and Addition type games, bringing the total number of games to 960.

-- Various small bug fixes, help file typo fixes, and improvements.

The 10 new games are:

- Alcides - a variation of the addition type game Nestor.

- Blind FreeCell - a FreeCell variation with face down cards.

- Easy Eighteens - an easier version of the addtion type game Eighteens.

- Eighty-Six - a Baker's Game variation.

- Eleventh Heaven - a variation of the addition type game Elevens.

- Replace - a difficult variation of the FreeCell type game Repair.

- Seven by Three - a FreeCell variation.

- Seven Piles - a variation of the classic addition type game Five Piles.

- Towers of Ilium - a variation of the FreeCell type games Scorpion Towers and Sea Towers.

- Verge - a variation of the pairing game Links.


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    I have winning numbers for all of the new games if anyone needs one. None of them are particularly difficult but that's only an opinion. Ironically "East Eighteens" gave me the most trouble.
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