Is Free Cell # 1616063743 winnable?

I have played Free Cell for years, never tire of it. However, I have joined the Game Statistics and want a perfect score. I have Game # 1616063743 staring me in the face and for a month now, I have been struggling to win but cannot. Can someone tell me if it is winnable? Thank you . . .


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    hello Lassie it is winnable
    I cannot remember how to upload the solution
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    Here is one solution.
    It's almost midnight. Copy the link in this thread. Then locate the Baker's Dozen thread. I posted instructions there that will tell you where you need to paste it.
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    Paul, You're quite the Free Cell player if you solved it in 20 minutes! Good show!
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    Ken, I didn't even notice it until I was getting ready to hit the sack. I doubt if it took me much more than ten minutes. A quick look at the tableau identified both lots of sixes and the two black eights at the problems. It took just 17 moves to clear a column and gain access to all of those. It was plain sailing after that. In truth it wasn't a particularly difficult game. You have to identify the main problems before you can deal with them.
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    Lassie, I have just posted instructions about how to use uploaded games at the imaginatively titled "How to use uploaded solutions". ;)) I used your problem game in it so the solution and the essential link are used there too.
    It was posted here.
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    I'm sure we've all done it. I know I have. Sometimes you can look at a tableau and overlook something that you'd normally see. To make matters worse you continue to make the same moves over and over again and expect the outcome to be different. Other times you look at a tableau and the cards just fly onto the foundations. It's part and parcel of playing solitaire. That's why we get addicted I expect.
  • Thank everyone for your help. I am "addicted" to Free Cell, but what a great addiction!
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    You're in good company here then Lassie. We're all hopelessly addicted to solitaire. It makes absolutely no difference how good you are or how many you win as long as you enjoy playing them. Don't stress yourself out if you find difficult ones. This is where you can get a little help, and frequently more than a little banter. :)
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