How to use uploaded solutions

Using solutions for games that have been uploaded to this forum isn't particularly difficult. The following information applies to Pretty Good Solitaire games that have been played in Windows. They have a .pps extension. In this case we are going to open and use the following solution.

Left click on the solution and you will see a large amount of numbers. You can ignore those. The only part that is of any use to you is in the address bar at the top. This is what you are looking for. Highlight and copy it.
Open Pretty Good Solitaire in your computer and open whatever game the solution refers to. It this example we are using Freecell, so open Freecell so that you have a random game dealt out in front of you. It makes no difference if that particular deal has been partially played or not. It will disappear and will not even appear in your game stats. At the top left hand side of your screen you will see. "Games" "Options" "Internet" and "Help". Click on "Games" and a drop-down menu will appear. Select "Open game" from that menu. Another window will appear. (See illustration).

At the foot of that window you will see a long empty box named "File name". Paste the link that you coppied earlier into that. Click on "Open". The link will grey over and will appear to be doing nothing. Just wait. It will work.
When it does, the solution that you have downloaded will load on your computer. You still don't have a hard copy of it though. Before you do anything else, go back up to the top left hand side of your screen and click "Games" again. This time select "Save as" from the menu. A saved copy of the solution will be entered into the PGS software
records. You can open it at any time you choose by clicking on "Game" once again.

Every solution that has been uploaded here will have at least one move that hasm't been made by the person who uploaded it. This is the ideal time of click on "Undo" repeatedly until it returns to the start. Now click on "Redo" repeatedly and watch each move that had to be made to win the game. Make the final moves yourself to win the

If you have any problems with my explanation please get back to me here. ...... Richard
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