Agnes Sorrel

I know that hardly anyone plays this game. It is extremely difficult at the best of times. There must be something wrong when deals occur that are impossible. 166070417 is one of those. The foundation base cards are nines. In this deal an eight has been dealt on top of a tableau nine of the same suit. As you cannot play cards into empty spaces, the eight can never be moved, and the game is impossible. We know that some PGS games already have dealing restrictions. It would be an improvement if the software was prevented from procucing such Agnes Sorrel deals. Paul recently posted a Double Nestor game with a similar problem whereby 5 consecutive twos were dealt to the same column. That situation could probably also be prevented.


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    The easiest solution to some problems of this nature would be to allow any card to be placed into the empty cell when the stock has been exhausted. I proposed this solution for The Plot in my "Suggestion" thread (in case iot's been overlooked). I'm now suggesting it for every game in the Hard and Very Hard categories. They are difficult enough at present. Allowing this extremely minor concession would encourage people to at least play them. Most people currently don't which makes their very existance questionable.
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    Over six hours later I have a winner.
    Agnes is a ridiculously difficult woman. Can you beat her in a fight now that you've got her number?
    716 x 91 - 27K
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    I must have been lucky at 10-38am 27/3/2005 I won the first game I tried 795654529 none since that one though
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    Winning deals are few and far between Paul. Historically I wonder how many people may have used your deal number to get Agnes Sorrel out of their "Not won" folder. Perhaps I even did that myself. I don't keep records so I've no way of knowing. At least I now know I've won it under my own steam. :)
    btw, I've had some ice on my pond three times this month. How are your ponds faring?
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    #34 A winner!
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    I just knew you couldn't manage to resist such a "difficult woman" Mike. ;)) Well done! See what you can achieve when you put your mind to it? I have some more little gems that I'll post later today. Got to keep you on your toes.
    It's almost 1.30. I really should hit the sack.
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