FreeCell #57

Is there a solution?


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    The simple answer is ,yes. I will attach some shreenshots that you should be able to duplicate. I could also post a complete solution if the screenshots don't work for you.
    Click on the images and they will open in a larger size.
    748 x 317 - 44K
    749 x 358 - 48K
    745 x 352 - 48K
  • Thanks Richard, succesfully solved using your screenshots.
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    You're welcome "Bracher". I have played an astronomical number of solitaire games over the years. I'm pretty good at it now so it's nice to be able to help other players with their problem games.
    We could do with some more active members so I hope you'll not be a stranger
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    FYI, Bracher, Richard is one of our more humble members...
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    Everyone's a critic. I often wonder how many of the problem games that people post would go unanswered and/or unwon if I didn't spend my free time trying to help. Should I just say "That was easy" when I solve one and hurt someone's feelings, or should I be diplomatic and attribute the win to decades of practice? I know from my own experience that questions of mine remain unacknowledged and are presumably still languishing in the doldrums of indifference. Welcome to Pandora's box.
    What this forum needs is fewer people watching proceedings from the sidelines, and more people actually participating productively. A very high percentage of the most recent threads were started by myself. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Btw Bracher, I knew Ken was just trying to wind me up. This is what retaliation looks like. We'll kiss and make up like we always do ......... (obviously without the kiss). :-j
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    You and Simon Cowell. To ruin some ones ego or not?
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    Maybe Richard can post a picture of himself in a tight T-shirt to see how alike they really are?
    ETA: Asking for a friend, btw...
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    Wouldn't want to embarrass the man. ;)
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    Go ahead. Give it a try.
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    Oh if you insist Mike. You're so masterful. :)
    463 x 522 - 32K
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    Exactly what I expected. And a dam good photo shop job it is too.
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    It was more of a photo chop Mike. Liz takes lousy photos.
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    Then don't give her the camera.
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    I made a snap decision. :)
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    Sometimes those go crackle and pop!
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    I blame those pesky pixels.
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    I know. they are terrible neighbors.
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    Pretty dotty aint they?
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