has anybody noticed with this game that if the last card played is a King which is a legal move and brings up the score to a winning 52, the game does not end. There is usually a way to get round this by playing the king before the last pair but if you are in a position where for example a a King is on top of six and the only other card is a seven you have to play the king last and the game just stops waiting for you to make a move when all cards have been cleared and you have won with a score of 52


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    I'd like to see a partial Paul if you have one.
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    This was the one I played today when I left the King as the last card
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    An unusual bug Paul. Thanks. Of course you never have the need to leave the king until the last card. If you land up with three cards on the tableau the game is always winnable when you play the king and release the card below it.
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