A problem we cannot ignore

We can ALL play a part in tackling this disgraceful pollution Drastic action is needed right across the entire planet.


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    In Scotland. a chance connection between Ayrshire farmer Bryce Cunningham and a Lanarkshire biotech company has sparked a quest to create the world’s first compostable single use milk bottle, using a natural biopolymer made from langoustine shells.
    CuanTec, which is based at the Life Sciences hub, MediCity, near Motherwell, has already devised a revolutionary way to produce plastic food wrap from crustacean shells on an industrial scale, and scientists at the firm believe the process could now be used to make an environmentally friendly plastic milk bottle.
    The "plastic" they make even has anti bacterial properties and can greatly extend the lifespan of packaged foods. It is also totally bio-degradable

    Just leave it to the Jocks. We will make THE WORLD great again. =D>
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    I recycle. Have been for years. And I do my best to keep my stuff out of the Indian ocean. Seriously. Many people used to dump all kinds of things into our storm drains that emptied directly into the ocean. That has been cut back. And hopefully will stop completely. But we do have people that will never get the message.
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    This new "plastic" material will make an enormous difference when it is rolled out worldwide Mike. People will have less genuine plastic that they can pollute the environment with. Many of them may still chuck their garbage all over the place but at least an increasing amout of it will be harmless. It's a massive step in the right direction.
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