Lower 48

I had previously posted, "For what it is worth, my very favorite recent game is Lower 48, and I have now proven that every one of the first 1000 deals is winnable (though some are very hard) by winning them all on my iPad."

This is still one of my favorites, and I picked it up again recently (nothing better to kill time in a waiting room) and got delayed for the longest time ever on a particular deal. It took me days to finally solve Lower 48 #1111, but solve it I did, and my unbeaten streak continues. :)

In my opinion, as somebody who loves Forty Thieves games, this is one of the very best, hitting that sweet spot where few deals are easy, some are extraordinarily difficult, but quite few (i.e., none so far) are unwinnable.

Gregg :(|)


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    Thanks for the tip, Gregg. I'll check it out.
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    Not bad. ;)
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    Impressive! ^:)^
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    Thanks Gregg.
    We've been confined to the house again by another prolonged bout of hostile weather. 72 hours of non stop rain driven by endless howling gales and near zero temperatures ensured that I had nothing else to do and could fully concentrate on your game. It is a beauty! It took about 30 minutes to clear a column and another 75 to put it to the sword. I probably found a better way in than you. That was the hardest part of the challenge. I got a huge buzz out of winning it. Many thanks. :)
    The good news is that the rain has finally stopped. It's been replaced by snow. The gales continue unabated though. :(
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    Thanks a lot for that tip! Very useful
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    Gregg, are you still playing this game? Any more challenging #'s?
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    >Gregg, are you still playing this game? Any more challenging #'s?

    Certainly. I now know that the first 2000 deal numbers are winnable. However...

    I am currently stuck on Lower 48 #2034.

    The fact that this deal has all 4 black 10s (and both AS) in the tableau makes this one difficult for me to see an approach that will make this deal winnable. I have not given up, yet, but I am definitely stuck for the moment.
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    Winnable. Clear column 5 first. Vital you leave a 4H uncovered on a foundation. You'll need it to worry back to clear the 2nd black 3 in that column. Full solution available.
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    Richard, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Thomas needs to put you on the payroll!
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    Agreed. I had put it down for a while due to office renovations, but I managed to win it early this morning, just a couple of hours before you posted. It was a serious challenge, though. ;-)
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    An excellent game Gregg. Very easy to dismiss it as unwinnable. :)
    Playing PGS is reward enough Ken, but thanks anyway. :)
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    Rough Rider #7 is winnable Ken if you're still looking for some entertainment. I failed to win any of the lower ones. Will play #8 onwards and see how I get on.
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    Rough Rider, eh? Isn't that Debbie's nickname for Mike?
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    Ouch. X_X What's that proverb about people rushing in? :)
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    GOT IT!
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    Well done. Try some more if you fancy. Most times I can get reasonably close but vital cards are buried too deep in the waste to recover. #8 was one of those. Yet to play 9 or above.
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    Ken, Ken, Ken. If you only knew. Wait. It's better that you don't!
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    I present another difficult deal: Lower 48 #2657

    This one is solvable, but it took me a long time.
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    What a superb deal that was Gregg. Many thanks for posting it.
    I don't know if it's just me but I frequently feel a touch of disappointment when I win a very difficult game like this. Of course I'm pleased that I managed to win one but I still wish the contest had lasted far,far longer. I know. I'm not well. ;))
    I've just spotted that the two dates in my attachment are identical. When I played the other one way back when I'd neglected to click on automove.
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