New Pretty Good Solitaire v18.0 for Windows with 1000 Games

A new version of Pretty Good Solitaire for Windows is now available!

Version 18.0 is available for download from

Here is what is new:

-- Version 18.0 contains 40 new games, bringing the total number of games to 1000.

-- Various small bug fixes, help file typo fixes, and improvements.Here is what is new:

Here are the 40 new games in version 18.0:

Klondike Type games - Attraction, Harmony, Lyre, Rush Left, Stonewall Gate, Up or Down, Weeping Willow.
Canfield Type games - Cerulean, Double Acme, Double Duke, Garden Gate.
Spider Type games - Dreamer, Serket, Spider Motion, Wood Scorpion.
Forty Thieves Type games - Battaillion Carre, Crown, Doorways, Left Side Story, Loopy, Lucky Eight, Magnum, Ninety-Nine, Old Moon, Orwell, Shining Star,
Single Interchange Cell, Sixty Bandits, Stalemate.
Fan Type game - Bitter Fan.
Addition Type games - Fifteen Suit, Quartermaster Open.
Castle Type games - Morphy, Payday, Twelve Piles.
Yukon Type games - Crimean Solitaire, Maui Solitaire.
Terrace Type game - Pitt the Younger.
Sir Tommy Type games - Antique, Millenium.


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