Midshipman 561536574

Is Midshipman 561536574 winnable?


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    Yes it is. Attaching my solution. It is suitable for players using Pretty Good Soltaire in Windows. I could probably create one for Mac users too. Let me know what you've got and we can sort it out.
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    Copy the green link in the above post and then open the attachment in this one. Click on Game (1) then "Open game" (2). New window will open and you paste the entire link into box (3). Then click on "Open" (4) and allow to load. Complete the game as normal.
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  • Thanks Richard. Really appreciate your help. I'm actually on a Mac OS HighSierra.
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    Hi Sue. Have you any saved solitaire games? The extensions are important. They can either be .pgs or . goodsol.
    Check yours. I could replay the game in another Goodsol collection that saves in .goodsol if that is of any help. The last resort is for me to make a video and post it on Facebook for you.
  • Hi Richard, I've not long had this Mac so not familiar with it. I don't know where to look for saved games. I tried searching for extensions you gave but came up blank!
  • Aw! Found some .pgs
    Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 15.01.48.png
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    Ah, thanks Sue. I suppose the next thing is to try and see if a .pgs file from Windows will load in a Mac. I expect not, in fact I'm practically certain it won't. Forget that.
    Okay, Plan B. I assume you are on Facebook. If you go there you should be able to find Goodsol's Facebook page. I will make a video of the game being solved and post it there. It should be today, all going well. Failing that it will be tomorrow. Please let me know in this thread if the video did the trick for you.
  • Thanks so much Richard. I'll check FB tomorrow but absolutely no hurry.
    Sue :)
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    I have the video done Sue but it just seems to keep uploading and uploading to Facebook. Just going to leave it uploading for an hour and see what happens. It's well within their limits.
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    No wonder it was taking so long. The video had uploaded twice! It is now being processed and will be available soon. You should keep pausing it whilst duplicating my moves in your solitaire at the same time.
  • Thanks Richard. I can't see anything yet but will check back later. I assume I'm on the correct page.
    Sue :)
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    Facebook just annoys me. I saw the video there yesterday. I got responses there today and clicked on one of them (in an email notification) and it took me there no problem. After seeing your post I tried to find it myself and couldn't. It was not where I expected it would be. Long story short .... this should work.
    EDIT .... Yes it does. Eureka.
  • Got it!!! Thanks for all your effort Richard. Going step by step in video, I'll be able to see where I was slipping up. Great stuff!
    I really appreciate your help.
    Sue :)
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    Glad to have been able to assist. :bz
    Don't be a stranger. :)
  • Success! Done it thanks Richard.
    I note you solved it in 4:37 mins. I've been trying to solve it for days.
    Sue :)
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    4;37? I wish! :)) I played, won and then saved it. To make the video I undid it back to the beginning and then started the recording. If you watch carefully you'll see the redo button being clicked before each move.
    I am on record here as saying that it doesn't matter a jot how long it takes you to play (far less win) a game as long as you enjoy the challenge. Winning is just a welcome bonus. I go looking for difficult games so that attitude is essential.
    Thanks anyway, :)
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