Blind Patience 100% ?

There are issues with this game. Sometimes when you undo a card that you had placed onto a face down card, that face down card will freeze and you will not be able to move it by clicking or dragging. It is easily resolved just by moving another card.
I would suggest that the game in its present form is 100% winnable. Pick any deal that you want and it is impossible not to be able to clear two columns immediately.. It is a Forty Thieves type game so we all know what a massive advantage that it. It is further simplified as worrying back has been enabled.
Ignore the warts and you will find a game that is enjoyable to play, almostly certainly 100% winnable, yet complicated enough to keep you on your toes. If you don't utilise the face up cards in the tableau properly you could lose quite a few.
1 - 10 inclusive are all winnbale.
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