Superior Canfield

I've taken a shine to this game lately. Rated "Medium (44%). Mostly Skill". Of the first twenty games only #12 is a loser. I found #1 and #14 very difficult.
The most important tactic for winning this interesting Canfield concerns how you utilise the foundation cards. One is dealt there at the start of each game and cannot be worried back into the tableau. I would advise that you try and introduce the other three foundation cards into the tableau as opposed to on the foundations. If you put them on the foundations they cannot be moved. Other cards built onto the foundations frequently need to be worried back. Try to assemble long columns of cards in the tableau built down by alternate colour. Wrapping is essential as you will find that you will have to assemble columns containing over 20 cards as you try and empty the Reserve pile. Wherever possible try to keep an empty space in the tableau.
There is a small bug in the reserve pile. Occasionally you can move two cards in descending colour order into the tableau. It rarely appears but when it does I happily exploit it.


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