Park and Ride

This has a small error when you click hint it brings an ace into one of the empty spaces


  • edited October 2018 Member, Beta Tester
    Totally weird. If you ask for 4 hints you get all four aces. If you ask for one and you click on it it sometimes moves to another empty space (but not to a third). It does enable you to play a Two into a space in front of it but I've not got enough time to find out if you could possibly move a king into a space behind it if you could move the card behind it into another space. There's a project for you. See if you can find out. :)
  • Administrator, Beta Tester
    OK, I probably forgot to turn off Hints for Park and Ride. The generic hint routines aren't designed for Gaps/Montana type games so they probably go off the rails. I'll fix that for the next update.
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