Double Australian

Any saved winners for Double Australian?


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    I did win the game in my screenshot but don't appear to have saved it. I say "don't appear to" because PGS has an irritating habit of telling me I have no saved games for King of Egypt for example but it eventually loads them. I normally resort to saving a partial that I don't even want, then it manages to find all my saved games immediately after. This has not worked with this particuar game. It shouldn't be too difficult to rewin. I'll let you know. Meantime you have a winning number.
    567 x 78 - 21K
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    Rewon it. Care is required with Double Australian. You have to try and accomodate practically every card that appears in the waste.
    Double Australian_1814118527.pgs
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    Thanks Richard, got it by playing your number,
    but took a few attempts- I doubt the 25% on the rules page. As you may have noticed, I am catching up on the last few versions since I have joined the 21st century with my new HP computer (actually a refurbished older model that has Windows XP).
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    Yes it's a tricky game Larry. We could possibly cherry- pick 5-10% winners but 25% is extremely unlikely. It's all very well finding a decent looking tableau but unless the card order in the stock co-operates you've just found another loser.
    Welcome to the 21st century. I didn't twig. I liked XP but when that PC died on me I was forced to buy one with Windows 8. I absolutely hated it. They had infested it with loads and loads of apps and embedded rubbish that was no use to man nor beast. No wonder it was unstable. I uninstalled the vast majority of it and unpinned the remainder from the start bar. I reinstated a desktop like XP's and now have the best running system I've ever had. Totally stable and nonsense free. Liz managed to destoy another laptop and we got one with Windows 10. I hate it and would advise you to avoid it at all costs. An original style desktop cannot be improved on (he said contoversially :) ). Windows 10 appears to have been designed with the sole purpose of trying to get you to keep buying stuff.
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    Agreed, Richard, with your assessment of Windows 10. I was tempted to upgrade from Windows 7 but I used my Mom's computer's as a test case. It was (and is) a frigging nightmare! Any time one of her other kids or grandkids come over to use it, they complain about how slow it is. (Most likely from all the useless crap slowing it down) When they ask me what's wrong, I just plead ignorance. I'd feel guilty except my Mom never uses it except to play Josephine on PGS, and that works fine.
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    Liz had asked me about unwanted music on a game on her laptop. I told her to fire it up and I'd have a look. I waited and waited before I asked why she'd not told me yet. She said it was still loading its sh.-you-know-what. It is incredibly slow loading. I am NEVER "upgrading" (Huh!) to Windows 10. I liken it to a horse drawn carriage. It could go a damned sight quicker if all the passengers got off.
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