Sad News

I have some sad news to share with the forum.

Most of you on the forum know Gregg Seelhoff, the programmer of the Mac and iPad versions of our games who posts here often.

Earlier this week, Gregg's wife Sherry died suddenly and unexpectedly. Our sympathies are with him in this terrible time for him.


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    What dreadful news. Losing someone close is heart wrenching at any time but in most cases we have anticipated the event so it doesn't come as a compete shock. To have lost your nearest and dearest in this fashion must be horrendous. We can only offer our sympathes .... but it's of little consequence. May God help you Gregg.
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    So sorry Gregg. The same thing happened to a friend of mine just before Christmas. His wife went suddenly also. Stay strong.
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    Gregg, I am so sorry to hear this shocking news. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    Thank you.
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