Yukon Cells #1970270591

This one really has me stumped!


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    Me too! It's just not winnable. You can never access a black jack or a black king. The best score I have managed is 6....... 3 diamonds, 2 clubs and 1 heart.
  • Thank you, I'll keep trying
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    I can manage to get a black king into play now but it's been of little help so far.
    Best score now 13. I believe that is the maximum possible.
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    That was a tough hand but managed to win it. Took me 6 mins and 55 seconds to beat the hand.

    Did a few undos (back and forth). I think the lower cards was the problem mostly.

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    Please post your solution.
    Ha! No need. I was using the wrong rules entirely. Talk about making life difficult for myself.
    Post your solution anyway by all means. :)
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    It looks like you are not going to post your solution, so to tidy up this thread I am posting mine.
    Yukon Cells_1970270591.pgs
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    Don't know how to do a solution video (if that is what your referring to).

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    Surprised you don't know how to save a game just prior to making the final moves. In my attachment you will see "Game" at the top left corner. Clicking on that gives you a drop-down menu. Click on "Save as" there. To open a game you've saved you click "Game" and then "Open game". It may vary a bit bepending on which solitaire collection you have, but it will be very similar.
    The forum doesn't accept videos of saved games but you need software to do so anyway and must have already saved a game as described.
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    Oh that way, ok. I have done that before.

    Just tried that deal again....now I don't remember how I got to that win lol
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